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ECU remap

Finally, KAVS Motorsport is proud to offer you the perfect solution for ECU Tuning. As many will know, this is one of the finishing touches to your engine after adding plenty of goodies to it, in order to make everything work harmoniously.

An ECU (Engine Control Unit) looks after everything electrical in your car, and is able to compute exactly how the car is running based on the information it is provided with from various sensors all over the car. They can control the amount of fuel that is injected by each injector, how often it is sprayed, and can then work out (via Lambda Sensors) exactly how much carbon monoxide is being produced and flowing through the catalytic converter. It also looks after things (especially in the MINI, which has an electronic throttle as opposed to one operated by cable) like throttle position, airflow and crank position. Lots of ECUs will even pick up on your driving style, and will adapt to the circumstances it is subjected to more often.

However, an ECU can only adapt so far. The best results for tuning your car are to get an ECU Re-Map. There are so many variants of re-map available; some which deliver moderate, yet ‘safe’ engine performance, some which are designed solely to preserve fuel economy and give the engine just enough power by using as little fuel as possible, other maps are full out performance.

We have teamed up with a well known remap specialist to provide you with these KAVS Motorsport ECU Tuning and Re-Map programmes.

We can supply you a few different options:

  • We can install the generic software to give you a nice performance upgrade over standard.
  • You can let us know your modifications, and we can change the map so that it is more suited to the way your car is being run.

For all queries, and to discuss your tuning requirements, please email

The best part of all is it doesn't matter what base specification your MINI is. We have maps suitable for almost all the entire MINI range!

  • Petrol; N/A (Naturally Aspirated); You could see around a 10-15% increase in power (bhp), and about a 15-20% increase in torque (Nm)
  • Petrol; Turbo/Supercharged; You could see around a 20-30% increase in power (bhp), and about a 20-40% increase in torque (Nm)
  • Diesel; Turbo Diesel; You could see around a 25-50% increase in power (bhp), and about a 50-75% increase in torque (Nm)

(Results may vary; they always depend on the condition of your engine, components, and the way they have been treated. Look after your engine by using and/or upgrading to KAVS Motorsport products)


Customer opinions:

I'm an owner of a 2005 Mini One car (90bhp). A few days ago I decided for a ECU Remap at KAVS Motorsport. The chiptuning took only about half an hour and increased my power for 30 bhp.
Before and after the tuning we performed the measurements and the results were incredible. Before the tuning, the time in the segment from 30-90kmh in second gear was 8.83s, after the tuning it was 7.43s (which is 1.4s less). In the segment 80-120kmh in third gear it took us 10.32s before and 8.31s after the tuning (which is 2.01s less). The measurements were done using Racelogic Performance box.
The results are unbelievable. The difference is most obvious at starting-the car feels much more responsive. The difference can also be felt at lower rpm, but at higher rpm (higher than 3000rpm) it is sensational. Overtaking is much easier now and the car performs better even when driving uphill. Finally, the top speed has increased from 190 up to 205 kmh. I haven't noticed any increase in fuel consumption.
Vedran Sostaric

As a regular customer I was offered a complete remap for my Mini Cooper S JCW by Kavsmotorsport. I wasn't sure how much more power to expect. At Kavsmotorsport everything was done very professionally and in only 20 minutes. Afterwards, I went back from Tolmin to the coast (about 150km). With regular driving I didn't notice any difference, up to 3000 RPM the car was still silent and with a low fuel consumption. From there to 5500 RPM there was no major change either. Suddenly the car jumped and revealed all its new power: I felt extreme torque up to 7500 RPM. The engine power blockage has risen from 7000 RPM to 7500 RPM and it was exciting to feel the car still pulling in second gear at 6000 RPM. Unfortunately, I haven't yet measured my new top speed.
So, the results in a few words are: there is no major change until the car reaches 5500 RPM, but after that you can really feel the difference. I am very satisfied with the result and I would highly recommend Kavsmotorsport to everybody who wants to improve the performance of his car.
Here are some numbers measured with my stopwatch:
40-80 kmh          2. gear      1,36s less than before tuning
80-130 kmh        3. gear      1,05s less

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