KAVS Motorsport 63mm Enlarged Throttle Body

Kavs motorsport Mini Cooper S throttle body Have you ever experienced a 'lazy' feeling throttle up on acceleration? The reason for this is that the standard throttle body can only let in so much air, which means that the correct Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) will contain a lot less fuel in order for the engine to carry on firing properly.

With the KAVS Motorsport 63mm Enlarged Throttle Body, your engine will be able to suck in more air and allow a custom re-map to be added with higher fueling.

This will increase the power of your MINI!

To give you an example, our very own car achieved 12 Nm of torque and 10 bhp in the mid-range (fantastic when accelerating, and very useful for overtaking when your engine needs every ounce of power!) on the dyno after having the KAVS Motorsport 63mm Enlarged Throttle Body fitted!

So what is involved?

  • We will machine the bore of the throttle body to allow more airflow
  • The butterfly valve shaft is also machined in order to enhance the increased airflow once more

Although the power increase on its own may not be hugely significant, it will open up more opportunities to tune your engine further and make the end result a complete package.

The price of the KAVS Motorsport 63mm Enlarged Throttle Body is based on you, the customer, sending us your existing throttle body for us to modify. You could even search sources like eBay for a doner throttle body to send us, so you can keep using your car while the work is carried out.


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