front brakes - big brake kit

After all of the performance upgrades we offer here at KAVS Motorsport, isn't it about time we offered you a solution on how to bring your powerful car to a halt?!

We are currently in the process of testing, developing and manufacturing a BBK (Big Brake Kit) for any of the new MINIs since 2001.

Our goal is to produce a complete braking solution that won't 'break' the bank! We want the kit to deliver exceptional braking performance, while being able to try and preserve the life of the pads so you can spend more time enjoying your MINI. We aim to make the brakes as efficient as possible to keep the general running costs to a low, leaving you with more funds to enjoy your MINI either on the road, or to put some more parts on your MINI for the track.

If you would like to register your interest in our KAVS Motorsport BBK, or if you have any questions or thoughts, please send us an email at:



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