wheel refurbishment

Have you ever experienced that gutting feeling of kerbing your own (or worse, somebody elses) alloy wheels? Wondering how many hundreds of pounds it could cost to replace a single wheel, have a new tyre put on or swapped over, and fitted to your car again?

Well you don't have to worry.

KAVS Motorsport's Wheel Refurbishment service means you now don't have to worry about spending hundreds of pounds to replace your special wheels that make your car stand out from the rest. Whether you've done it yourself, or you've lent the car to a friend, it's never nice to see your lovely wheels in need of some TLC.

But don't worry. Send your wheels to us, and our expert team here at KAVS Motorsport will refurbish your wheels to an as-new standard. The results are out-standing!!

  • Keep your favourite wheels in top condition with a refurb
  • Most kerbing, denting and scratching can be fixed - just email info@kavsmotorsport.com with some photographs and we can advise you from there.
  • Save yourself hundreds, and possibly thousands, of pounds by repairing your old wheels to a high standard as opposed to paying over the odds for a new set.

The process we use to repair your wheels is known as shot blasting. The process involves completely removing all lacquer and paint finishing from the alloy. From here, it makes it easier for us to repair the damage. The paintwork is then built up again after being heated in a low heat oven. A thin powder-coat is applied, followed by a wet coat, and then a coat of lacquer to ensure your newly repaired wheel stays in the best condition possible.

For information regarding shipping, and to double check your wheels are suitable for refurbishment, please email us at info@kavsmotorsport.com

Wheel refurbishment

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