Uprated clutch

stronger clutch Mini Cooper S tuning Another one of our products that is here to help you build more of a complete engine package and make sure that all of those extra horses are making their way to the wheels.

The KAVS Motorsport Clutch is a specially designed sports clutch that we have designed to make the power delivery of your car more efficient and concise; when you want it.



The aims of the KAVS Motorsport Clutch are to:

  • Reduce clutch slipping by using advanced materials.
  • Allow your clutch to deal with more power without risking your standard clutch.
  • Prolong the life of your clutch.

The way we manufacture the KAVS Motorsport Clutch is that we take your old clutch and add the new materials to it. We can send you one of our pre-made ones and take a small, refundable deposit from you, until you have sent us back your old, worn out clutch. Alternatively, send us your standard clutch and we will be more than happy to get the work done as soon as possible.

This clutch has been tested on our high powered R53 Mini Cooper S on the road, drag strip and track. This proves that any car at all can benefit from our new drivetrain solution. So whether you're carrying out significant improvements to your track car, or it's that time when your daily commuter needs a new clutch, the KAVS Motorsport Clutch is perfect for you.


Ordering: info@kavsmotorsport.com

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