KAVS Motorsport Rear Toe Link Kit

After you've installed coilovers or even lowering springs on your car, it is always a good idea to go and get your car's alignment checked out. For a small cost, it will often ensure that everything is settling in well and that everything is in contact with the road to give you as much grip as possible. It also makes sure that everything is running true, which often helps prevent vibrations and more.

After lowering a car, wheel camber often becomes excessively negative, which basically means that the top of the tyre is angles inwards. On racing cars, depending on the circuit, this is often a good thing. However, too much and you lose vital grip can be lost. On road cars, it is advised that you have as much of your tyre in contact with the road at all times. This is because your car is subjected a variety of conditions, whereas racecars are within the confines of the same circuit lap after lap.

As a result of severe negative camber, your car's tyres only have a small patch of rubber in contact with the road. This puts the tyre under more load, and as such it will wear quicker, causing an un-even wear across the tyre. This can lead to less grip, less tread, and can even lead to your tyres becoming illegal quicker; which can get very costly!

The KAVS Motorsport Rear Toe Link Kit provides a simple, affordable solution which can control your vehicle's camber levels and prevent excess negative camber.

The benefit of one of these kits is that they will allow you to change your set up to work efficiently on the road, or even adjust it for certain tracks to gain a competitive advantage at races or on track days! However you change the set up, the main thing is that you are actually able to adjust it to the way you like it with the KAVS Motorsport Rear Toe Link Kit. A well set up car will handle better through the corners, and whether you're racing or just driving daily, that can be seen as something that makes you faster and/or safer.

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