One-piece interference fit supercharger pulley

For those who want a stealth look of their tuned engine we developed a 1-piece interference fit supercharger pulley in most popular dimensions: 11%, 15%, 17% and 19% size.
The power gains are the same as with our 2-piece design pulley, but the car will look original when you look under the hood.

As many people want to revert to standard settings before selling their car, we developed the standard 0% pulley which looks and works as the standard pulley in your car.

Contact us if you wish to get more information about the prices and delivery times.

Please note that these are 1-piece interference fit pulleys, and need to be heated to approx 350-400°C before fitting onto the supercharger. We recommend that this product is installed by a professional garage or by a professional mechanic to avoid any potential damage to your supercharger.


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