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As you may, or may not know, one of the most integral elements within an internal combustion engine is air. Much like a living person, without a fresh supply of air we'd all be pretty stuck! So why treat your engine to anything different?

Cone filters are often ineffective as they merely suck in hot air from your engine bay. Cold air is denser; which means in the same 'area' you can squeeze more air particles in. This means your engine has a lot more air to mix with fuel, giving you a bigger combustion. Air filters have even been known to improve fuel economy. The downside is your car often starts sounding so good, you drive it faster!

So what makes the KAVS Motorsport BMC Cold Air Intake stand out?

Here are just a few features:

  • BMC Filter: A world reknowned company who have contributed to frequent race wins for teams in Formula 1, MotoGP, DTM, World Touring Cars, American Le Mans, Superbikes, and many more.
  • High Air Flow means clean air faces less resistance on its way to the engine.
  • Efficient Air Filtration means that less of the horrible gases within the air make their way to your engine, meaning air that is more pure is being combusted for the best results.
  • Long lasting BMC Filter means that, when looked after, these filters can last years and years.
  • Easier on the engine! By feeding the engine with cooler air, the combustion process is made a lot easier and puts less stress on engine internals - meaning a longer lasting, and more healthy, engine.

After dyno-testing this system, we realised that all of the qualities listed above were indeed contributing to higher horsepower figures. Although the gains may not be massive, the addition of a Cold Air Intake (frequently known or referred to as a CAI) is an important step in building a high power or efficient engine.

Remember, don't just assume that these are for track prepped vehicles only! Even if you aren't the type to possibly drive a little heavy footed from time to time, you could benefit majorly from increased fuel efficiency - so eventually the system could eventually pay for itself!!

The system comes completed with a beautifully produced aluminium 'horn' air intake box. It utilises a wider design with a chamfered base, which contribute to a more even flow of air across the air filter panel. The unit is also specially designed to keep it as far as possible away from other components in the engine bay; which means the box is situated further away from the engine so that the air can be kept even cooler.

So if you'd like to start seeing a bit better performance or fuel economy (or both!) from your R53 Cooper S, here is your next purchase!



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