Kavs Motorsport keyring

Mini Keyring So, by now you've probably bought every conceivable accessory under the sun for your pride and joy's engine bay!

Why not treat your keyring to some extra horsepower too, with this KAVS Motorsport (severely reduced!!) Supercharger Pulley...keyring!!

These high quality keyrings are produced on the exact same CNC lathes that your other KAVS Motorsport parts have been carefully produced on. They come finished in black with the company logo embossed and painted in other colours on the face. A truly unique and limited accessory that is a must have. They are well weighted and are finished to the same high standard as the real thing!

Whether or not you already have one of our top quality reduced supercharger pulleys, this 54.5% (yes, really!) KAVS Motorsport Reduced Supercharger Pulley...(keyring!) will:

  • Compliment your new pulley perfectly.
  • Make the perfect gift for any petrol head, boyfriend, husband, wife (if you're REALLY stuck for ideas!)
  • Increase the bhp of your keys by approximately 30bhp...maybe!


The first batch of 10 received very positive feedback from all 10 lucky recipients. You will not be disappointed!

If you would like something a little different, or would like your keyring personalised just that little bit extra, please contact us and ask what we can do for you!


Ordering: info@kavsmotorsport.com

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