8 RIB pulley KIT

After many years of experience developing pulleys and race engines we are proud to announce our 8 RIB pulley KIT for your MINI.

When we are pushing the supercharger to its rpm limits the force to the belt is extremely high. As we are often on a redline, race or track day users want to avoid possible problems.

Adding 2 more ribs to the existing pulley means 1/3 more surface to hold the strength. This means 1/3 more grip, less heat and what you really wish for - more boost and expanded life of your belt.

We have tested this KIT for you since 2014 and we wish you to offer you only the best.

So, we are offering different options for you in this kit. And this aren't only different pulley sizes. We offer an air con delete option as a primary feature but for those who wish to use their air con even with our expanded 8 RIB kit we offer a solution and we transfer their air con pulley to a 8 RIB to use it with more boost.

We used only the best materials for this KIT and we are using 2 bearings in each idler pulley to hold the maximum strength from the belt.

If you're planning to use the car on high rpm and you wish to avoid future problems with heat or belt slipping in your engine, this KIT is perfect for you.

We offer different sizes and options; please email us to check the availability of your size, system and delivery dates. Contact us for more information.

We also represent other car tuning brands.
Click on the manufacturer logo to see our offers or send us an email at info@kavsmotorsport.com

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