powder coat

Powder coating is a process that involves applying a dry powder direcetly to the surface of various metals. It is applied electrostatically by charging the powder particles and applying them directly to the grounded part. The electrostatically charged powder stick to the surface of the metal, where it is then placed in an oven to finish the process to deliver a high quality smooth finish.

The process means that you will see a consistant high quality finish on any of your components. The advantages that powder coating has over conventional paints it that you don't have to use a solvent in any of the paint, and the finish the powder coat leaves is more durable than that of conventional paint. Some other benefits of powder coating is that almost 100% of the particles that don't find their way to a part can be reused and recycled, and also the production lines produce less hazardous waste; making the whole process a lot more environmentally friendly.

Powder coating is more suited to the coating of metals; which opens up a wide range of possibilites for thing you may wish to powercoat in a variety of colours:

  • Change the colour of any of your KAVS Motorsport Pulleys from the standard powder coated black to compliment your engine bay.
  • Change the colour of your KAVS Motorsport Chagecooler to really make the top of your engine bay stand out.
  • In the middle of a colour change project on your car? Why not send us your wheels and let us powder coat them for you?

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