ceramic coating

Ceramic coat

One method of treatment that car owners are going to in order to preserve their exhausts and manifolds is ceramic coating.

What the process does is keeps the heat within the manifold or exhaust so that it can be channelled out in the correct way.


The benefits of doing so include:

  • Increasing horsepower; 8-10bhp have been recorded with cars on dynos with over 550bhp.
  • Keeping the engine bay cooler, which should aid cooling for the air intake.
  • Increasing exhaust velocity by ensuring heat is not escaping through the metal work in to the engine bay.
  • The coating protects the metalwork of your components from rust.
  • The coating also blocks excessive heat radiation with 70°C temperature drops being recorded.
  • Ceramics can also be aplied to internal engine parts which will create less drag and longer burn cycles during engine operation.

The materials that the KAVS Motorsport Ceramic Coating service provides are effective up to temperatures of 1100°C - more than enough to keep your MINI running smoothly.

All you need to do is send us your components and we'll get them wrapped and sent back to you as soon as possible!!

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