Mini Cooper S Race Car

- Bedford Autodrome west circuit UK - 1.21.706
- Rockingham – UK 1.33.49
- Grobnik – Croatia 1.44.242

  • KAVS Motorsport brakes 305x28 4 pot BREMBO calipers
  • KAVS Motorsport wheel spacers
  • KAVS Motorsport arm spacers (roll adjusters)
  • KAVS Motorsport rear toe links (down)
  • KAVS Motorsport droplinks
  • Bilstein B16 suspenison
  • Challenge car rear spoiler
  • Semi slicks tyres with rota boost 16” or 17” wheels
  • OMP Champ seats
  • 6 point sabelt harness belts
  • OMP full rollcage
  • engine build by KAVS Motorsport parts with M45 supercharger
  • stock exhaust
  • power: 260WHP and 195.7 WTQ (lbf.ft)
  • OS Giken LSD dif
  • Weight: With full fuel of tank aprox 1150 kg



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