KAVS Motorsport Lightweight and Enlarged Alternator Pulley

Lotus alternator pulley Make: Lotus

Engine: Lotus/Toyota 1.8 Supercharged

Found In: Exige S 220, 240, 260 (2006-2011)

Sizes available: 58.3mm (5% enlargement)

KAVS Motorsport are proud to present our Lightweight and Enlarged Alternator Pulley; a perfect sidekick for our world-favourite supercharger pulleys, for the Lotus tuning market.

These pulleys achieve best results when working alongside a KAVS Motorsport Supercharger Pulley Upgrade. By enlarging your alternator pulley, you minimise the stress on the alternator.
We also reduce the weight of the alternator pulley from the standard 220g down to an exceedingly light 110g; reducing the rotational mass and reducing stress on the drivetrain.

Our pulleys are CNC machined from high-grade aluminium; which receive hard, anodised coatings. This helps to protect the pulley for a long-lasting product, whilst helping to keep it as light as possible. Strict quality checks are carried out through the duration of the manufacturing process to ensure each of our products are made to our usual high standard.

Those concerned about the health and reliability of the engine post-modification need not worry, as KAVS Motorsport’s in-house engineers have used a variety of methods; from accelerated life testing within our facilities, to hundreds of hours testing on the track with our own vehicles (not to mention the thousands of hours of driving our happy customers worldwide have experienced!), to ensure that our products will not fail on the road or track.

You’ll feel the difference all the way to the red line!

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